Mushrooms PRO for iPad

Most of us don’t mind eating mushrooms as a part of our meals. Mushrooms taste good and are not bad for you either. Of course, there is a difference between the common mushroom you have in your kitchen and the ones you see in the wild. Apps such as Mushrooms Pro could help you find out what you are looking at when you see mushrooms in the wild.

Mushrooms PRO can serve as your personal trainer as you learn more about mushrooms. It has over 2000 high resolution images for you to go through. Over 300 species of mushrooms are included. Mushrooms Pro comes with multiple identification methods. The search filters are pretty decent. You can go through different mushroom species by appearance, odor, size, type, family, effects, and more.

Mushrooms PRO may not make you an absolute expert on mushrooms. But it teaches you enough to make you dangerous. It is available in German, Spanish, and French too. It won’t be cheap but is overall a decent reference for mushrooms.

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