Knots 3D for iPad

Not all knots are easy to pull off. You can’t use the same basic knot for every situation that you face. Many folks use websites and books to learn how to tie new knots. Knots 3D for iPad is a useful tool that shows you how to do all kinds of complex knots. It gives you an interactive way to learn and master the knots that you may not be familiar with.

The Knots 3D has more knots that you will probably ever need to know about. Each 3D knot lets you interact with it to study it more closely. You can rotate and spin knots and zoom in/out. The app draws its knots automatically to show you how they are done. The knots are arranged by category and class so you can find exactly what you are looking for easier.

Knot 3D is one awesome learning tool to start mastering those difficult knots. It is fully interactive and lets you explore knots to your heart’s content. The presentation is superb and the content included is solid. This beats relying on static articles to learn new knots.

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