Wolfram Calculus Assistant

As the only Math person in my family, I always get asked to help others with their advanced math courses. Those of us who are a tad bit more technical may find calculus and related topics easy to handle, but that is not the case for everyone. Wolfram Calculus Course Assistant is a helpful application for anyone taking a Calculus course and having trouble with certain topics in their course.

Your Calculus book may have everything you need to get started with this topic, but it is not exactly something you can interact with. Wolfram Calculus Course Assistant allows you to do that and more. It will help you go through your homework problems step by step, evaluate equations, plot your functions, and much more.

I find Wolfram Calculus Assistant to be quite instructive and easy to learn new things from. It has a bunch of tools to help you out with your functions, derivatives, and other related topics. This is essentially one of those supplemental books for Calculus but many times better and more interactive. A great tool to have if you are just getting started with Calculus.

Rating: 85/100

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