Land Air Sea Warfare

Are you a fan of strategy games? Those silly action games can be quite entertaining for a while but strategy games can challenge you a bit more and provide you with more entertainment no matter when you play them. Land Air Sea Warfare is one of those games. It is a fast paced RTS game with good graphics and plenty of action.

Your goal is to control your forces to dominate your enemies. Of course, you’ll have to fortify your base and build your force to be successful with your assault. With all types of vehicles in your force, you can expect a lot of wreckage and explosions when you do battle. This is not one of those games that can get away with bad planning. There is a reason it’s called a strategy game.

The game’s graphics are decent. The details are awesome. The variety of units available in Land Air Sea Warfare give you more flexibility when strategizing. Land Air Sea Warfare has a bit of everything for everyone. It has got strategy, the graphics, and the action. A must have for RTS gamers though we’d love it to be even more challenging.

Rating: 87.5/10

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