Hunting Call

You don’t have to be a hunting genius to realize the value of having animal sounds with you when you go hunting. These can be very effective in helping you have a more successful hunting experience. We have been searching for a hunting call application for quite some time. While many of them are around, a lot of them do not offer high quality sounds. Hunting Call is different. It includes various animal calls and is customizable enough for hunters to test different things outdoors.

Hunting Call has over 80 quality calls for small and big animals. It also has volume control for each type of animal to test different things outdoors. The app’s interface is pretty straight forward. I like the remote feature which makes it possible to make the sounds from a hiding place (that can be downloaded for free).

You want to make sure you read your local laws before using these types of apps. Some places are not too friendly towards these types of tools. Not all the sounds in this app are realistic but the majority of them are. It can be quite effective if used the right way.

Rating: 87/10

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