Star Identification on iPad: 7 Sky Guide Apps

Many folks assume that they need to be a guru in astronomy to know which stars or objects they are seeing at night. Knowing a thing or two about the stars would help. But you could always rely on these 7 iPad apps for a richer stargazing experience:

star walk

Star Walk HD: acts as your guide when you go stargazing. It covers over 200k celestial bodies with a night mode to go easier on your eyes. This is an augmented reality app.


SkyView: an augmented reality viewer to explore the universe with. It has amazing 3D graphics and covers stars, constellations, and satellites.

star rover

Star Rover HD: covers over 120k stars with planets and their moons. It shows moon phases too. Best of all, you can just hold up your iPad to figure out what’s visible in your sky. The app has other neat features such as eclipse simulation, objects information, and …


StarMap 3D+: serves as a star atlas for beginners and more advanced users. Use this to find the planets, stars, constellations, star clusters, galaxies, and everything in between. This application covers 100,000 stars, with detailed information for each of them.


Luminos: it covers 2,500,000 stars, tens of thousands of galaxies, asteroids, comets and satellites. Luminos has beautiful graphics and offers plenty of neat information on objects. The app is compatible with telescopes too.

sky guide

Sky Guide: shows you what you are looking at in the sky. It is elegant and has plenty of photos and amazing graphics to keep you busy.

pocket universe

Pocket Universe: it helps you figure out what you are seeing at night. It has 3D solar system rendering, events, and a guide.

These apps make it much easier for everyone, whether beginner or advanced, to go stargazing with more confidence. They are not super expensive either.

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