Apple iPad is one of those once in a decade tools that has the potential to transform how our kids go about getting their education. It not only has the potential to help e-books become even more popular, it can support more interactive books. Considering that there are plenty of educational apps available for iPad, Apple iPad is educators’ best friend. MathBoard is a math learning tool that makes learning math fun for the young students. It has everything one would need to learn and master the basics of Math.

MathBoard is designed to help young students master multiplication,  division, and everything in between. This app gives educators the tool to test their students and even define a range for numbers used in their problems. Addition, subtraction, division, squares, cubes, and square roots. Users can create timed quizzes easily.

MathBoard keeps track of your student’s wrong answers, so you’ll know what he/she needs to work on. The fact that you can create quizzes based on that information is a big plus. Practice makes perfect, and you can get your student a lot of practice in Math by using this app.

If you have someone who is getting ready to go to school or just have issues learning those basic math concepts, you should give MathBoard a try. MathBoard is a wonderful learning tool that can give your students a lot of practice and help them master this sweet science.

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