Twin Calc

Have you ever been in a situation where you have wanted to compare two calculations at the same time without needing two calculators? Some of the more advanced calculators on the market are capable of doing this, but they are still not as convenient as Twin Calc. Twin Calc can be used as a regular HD calculator, but it can be turned into two, giving you the chance to compare your numbers more efficiently.

The two calculators in this app can be used to help you get your calculations done faster. You can easily numbers in one calculator on the other. The history feature is pretty useful too. The app does support mailto feature for your history, which is a big plus.

Twin Calc can handle continuous operations and up to 15 digits (integer or float numbers). This application does keep track of your previous calculations, so your work does not get lost easily.

Twin Calc is like a calculator on steroids. It is a wonderful tool for scientists, finance professionals, and everyone in between. It saves you from the trouble of having to own two calculators to compare your scenarios. It would be nice if more scientific operations are supported. Regardless, Twin Calc is one handy calculator app for iPad.

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