Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Everybody needs a dictionary on their iPads these days. You are going to need one if English is not your first language or you are having trouble with certain words. Those of you who have tried Merriam-Webster dictionary online know how powerful it is. Thanks to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, you can now look up words easily on your tablet.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s interface is optimized for iPad. It makes finding and researching words easy. Unlike the online version, you can actually use your voice to find words, saving you time and effort looking up words. This tool covers synonyms and antonyms too. Word definitions are bundled with examples and background information which is quite nice.

This dictionary keeps track of your previous searches. The Word of the Day feature is useful too. It is a free tool but its ad supported. Still, a pretty good dictionary to have on your iPad. Beats having to carry a large book around.

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