SnoreLab for iPhone & iPad

Snoring is not something uncommon to experience. It may not keep you from sleeping but could disturb your partner. It is even more embarrassing when you are sharing a room with more than one person, and they have to put up with you. There are things you can do to manage your condition. SnoreLab for iOS is one of many apps you can use to help you out.


SnoreLab is developed to listen to you at night, so it can figure out how badly you are snoring. It measures your snoring intensity, so you can figure out whether things you have tried are actually helping you reduce your snoring. The app has a very simple and user-friendly interface. Just make sure your iPad is pointed towards you when you sleep. You want your device to be close to you (since you are recording noises).


SnoreLab charts your data and gives you an idea whether nasal strips, side sleeping, or a mouthpiece can be effective. The app can’t perform a miracle but it could help you better understand your condition.

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