Mini Gore HD

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There are really two types of games available for iPad. The ones that you pick up and play with for a while right before forgetting about them forever. In the other group, you have games that never get old and keep you entertained and on your ties for long. MinoGore HD belongs to the latter group. The app has been around for iPhone for a while, and it’s one of the most popular games around. Now it has made its way to iPad in HD.

The game is quite simple to play and so addictive at the same time. You are essentially fighting all kinds of creatures in the woods and trying your best to survive. At first, you are not going to see a whole lot of trouble, and you should be able to blast your way through these creatures. But as you kill more of them, more hideous creatures show up and you won’t have an easy time blasting them with only one shot. That’s the essence of this game. Your game is to survive and face down as many demons as possible. There are of course bonuses and upgrades to help you add more fire power and deal with those tough situations much more easily.

What’s fun about Mini Gore HD is that you get 15 playable characters. So the game does not get old too easily. The graphics are superb (and better than ever on iPad). And the sounds add quite a lot of fun to the game as well. The controllers of this game are easy to play with, but they do get a bit tough to handle if you play the game for hours (especially if you work those fingers of yours to blast through all those creatures). The game is quite addictive, so may end up playing it for that long. Thanks to touch2go controls, you can ease the pressure on your fingers.

The game comes with multiple difficulty levels, and some of these levels are just insane. Of course, that’s what makes this app fun to play with. You also have access to online leader-boards, so you always have some way to challenge yourself further. If you are looking for a fun, addictive HD survival game for iPad, look no further than MiniGore HD.


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