The iPad is truly a life saver for those who spend a lot of time on the road and want to use their time to do some productive things. Browsing the Internet and checking blogs on an iPhone can be quite a hassle, but why do that when you can take advantage of RSS readers available for iPad to keep track of your favorite blogs and get more reading done on the road? NewsRack for iPad is a very easy to use and fun RSS reader for iPad that allows you to do just that.

When you are keeping track of lots of feeds, it’s nice to have a way to organize them all and possibly sync them with a third party service. With NewsRack, you can organize your feeds in categories and sync them with Google Reader. You can even download your content for offline viewing.

You are not going to want to read every story that your RSS reader is keeping track of. But for some stories, you may want to check the original site for more information. You can take advantage of this app’s mini browser to do just that. Stories can be shared via e-mail or on Twitter and Delicious. Instapaper is supported as well. We did have some issues syncing with Google Reader. Other than that, the interface is quite simple to use and adding/classifying feeds is easy as well. Maybe a bit pricey but it comes handy for RSS junkies.

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