Moku Hanga HD

Woodblock printing is a pretty popular practice in Japan. It is a fascinating way to create artistic work. Mastering this art can be quite challenging. Moku Hanga HD is just the app you need to create your own artworks from the pictures you have already taken. The app enhances your photos and gives them a more colorful and edgy look.

Moku Hanga HD creates art from your photos in a flash. You can adjust your artwork using the adjustable sliders available. The saturation, strength, and image color of your photos can be modified as well. Two printing styles are offered (Multi-Color and Multi-Block). The Multi-Color style uses all the colors from your photos. The Multi-Block style uses 5 blocks color from your photos and lets you randomize colors.

You’d be surprised how greatly Moku Hanga HD can improve your photos. The tool accepts high resolution images and can save your photos in a high resolution. You do get a bunch of presets to get started but can always create your own. If you are looking for a app to give your photos a unique look, Moku Hanga HD is well worth checking out.

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