Sol: Sun Clock

The Sun plays a big role in the formation and growth of life on planet Earth. Without it, our planet would be cold and lifeless. We use the earth and sun rotations to keep track of our time and days. Thanks to Sol: Sun Clock, you can keep up with important sun information such as sunrise/sunset times, solar midnight, solar noon, and twilight periods on your Apple iPad.

Sol: Sun Clock makes tracking the sun a whole lot easier. It has a set of sunlight tools you can use to plan your day, keep up with your natural sleep cycles, and do other things. The Sol app finds solar midnight and noon in addition to twilight periods. It keeps track of the next solstice and equinox as well. This tool is useful tool almost anywhere in the world. You can use the built-in map to choose any location in the world or search through the locations available by city name.

Sol has reminders and alarms for sun events. The alarm and reminder times will adjust gradually as seasons change. You can change the alarm sound easily. Location aware alarms are optionally supported. The user interface is pretty beautiful and gives you everything you need to keep up with sun events.

Sol makes keeping up with the sun and its events much more convenient. It does reduce your iPad’s battery if you keep the GPS feature running for too long (for location aware features). Other than that, Sol has a lot going for it.

Rating: 91/100

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