Night Browser

I don’t know about you, but I do a lot of reading at night, especially before bed time. Amazon Kindle is a decent e-book reader, but it requires you to have a light around to see and read your e-books. It’s not as if Kindle is great for browsing the Internet. Apple iPad does not have that issue, but its light could put strain on your eyes, especially in dark rooms. Besides, the light could disturb your wife, husband, or partner. That’s where Night Browser comes into play. It’s a very handy app that lets you adjust your screen’s brightness with a couple of taps (it even goes beyond what your system allows by default), so you can visit your favorite sites without disturbing others.

Night Browser makes it so easy to increase or decrease your screen’s brightness from within it. So it’s not just about reducing your iPad screen’s brightness. The interface is pretty straight forward and changing things around on your iPad is much easier with this app.

The app’s interface does feel like Safari, giving you a similar experience. The fact that you can adjust the brightness on your device to 100 times darker than what your system allows is a huge plus. This app can even be used to turn your iPad into a light torch if you are stuck in a dark room.

Overall, if you are a night time reader and want to surf the Internet without disturbing others with your iPad, Night Browser is a decent choice.

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