iDay for iPad

Life is so hectic for most of us these days that having a tool that can help us remember those most important days can be a life saver. Missing an anniversary date or birthday may not be a big deal to some, but that could get you in a lot of trouble in certain situations. Thanks to iDay for iPad, you will never have to deal with those issues. It’s a personal reminder tool that keeps track of those important days (birthdays, anniversaries, and …) for your contacts and reminds you before it’s too late.

iDay is designed in a way that makes your life easy. Every-time you start it, it goes through your information and import those important days. Of course, you can add as many dates as you want to this app to keep track of. The app does provide you with all kinds of useful information including the Zodiac sign and horoscopes on its summary page.

What’s nice about this app is its free push service. It can send you messages reminding you what’s on your plate in the near future. If you thought the iPhone version was great, wait till you see how the developers have improved iDay for iPad.

To sum things up, iDay is a wonderful app for anyone in need of a personal reminder solution for iPad.

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