Notebooks 7 for iPad

Your iPad is more than capable of keeping track of your notes, documents, and journals. You are going to need the right apps to keep track of everything. That’s why apps such as Notebooks 7 are so handy. This is a useful application that helps you store and organize your documents. You can write down notes, manage tasks and projects, and do a whole lot more.


Notebooks 7 is optimized for iOS 7. It has a very clean design. You can open documents,  capture ideas, set up reminders, and do a whole lot more. It supports various document formats, including HTML, MS Office, and PDF. The app can even track your tasks lists and allows you to manage them without needing another app. Want to convert your documents to PDF? No problem.


Notebooks 7 is one of the most versatile apps in this category. It can manage your documents, convert, and syncs them with Dropbox/WebDAV support. Not cheap but has a lot of potential.

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