Painteresque for iPad

The iPad 2 may not have a decent enough camera to capture super high quality photos. But iPad owners can always use their device to apply brilliant filters to their photos. Painteresque for iPad is a unique filter that gives your photos a more artistic look. It turns your photos to superb paintings in a flash. The good part is you won’t have to be a Photoshop expert to start using this app.

Painteresque works great for scenery, animals, and architecture photos. You can snap photos and apply this filter to them. Of course, the app accepts your existing photos too. The filter is quite fast and transforms your photos in a flash. It brings details that you may not notice in your original photos. For that very reason, it may not work great for pictures of people.

The Painteresque app for iPad is quite unique and elegant. It brings new life to your photos. This is one addictive filter for those into iPhotography.

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