Peekaboo Barn for iPad

Developing a kid friendly application is not that straight forward. Developers have to pay close attention to children’s needs and appetites to make their apps captivating to children. The good news is parents have a ton of educational apps to choose from to teach their young ones all kinds of things on an iPad. Peekaboo Barn is one of those applications. It is developed to teach young children the name of animals.

Peekaboo Barn has attractive graphics. It not only pronounces the names of animals, it also includes the sounds they make. Opening doors in this app are a lot of fun for kids as they discover new animated animals. Parents have a chance to change the voice used in this application. Parents can record their own voice, which is brilliant.

You can purchase more language packs to use in this app. It not only teaches your kids about cause/effect, it can also improve their literacy skills too. It is a nice tool to have to teach your toddlers about animals and entertain them at the same time.

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