Hiarcs Chess for iPad

Chess is perhaps the most entertaining and challenging board games around. It is fun to play no matter where you get to do it. Those of you who own an iPad are going to love playing chess using apps such as Hiarcs. Hiarcs is not your average chess game. It has won multiple world championships in the past. Its engine is strong enough to make you think hard. Hiarcs Chess may have scary credentials but it has something for everyone (including beginners).

Hiarcs Chess has one of the strongest chess engines you can get your hands on for iOS. Don’t let that scare you away though. You can adjust its strength to stay more competitive against it. We have already tested Hiarcs for iPhone on our sister website. Hiarcs for iPad is optimized specifically for iPad.  It has a number of settings to make playing on it more convenient. For starters, it has an elegant interface. You can not only play against the AI but also a friend. This is a great analysis tool for the pros too.

Hiarcs lets you start new games and save existing ones quickly. It can handle PGN files. Would you like to set up your own positions? That is supported as well. Beginners can take their moves back and get help from the coach. Book statistics are useful for both beginners and advanced users.

Hiarcs Chess has attractive chess pieces and color schemes for user to choose from (8 chess sets and 9 color schemes are covered). It does provide you with some coaching, especially when you make mistakes. I like the fact that Hiarcs spends less battery when playing below its maximum strength. The app works in both landscape and portrait modes.

Engine Room is where users get to change Hiarcs’ main settings. Hiarcs’ max strength, ELO level, and playing style can be modified there. You have 4 book options to choose from to make the engine more fun to play. Once you are done with your games, you can email them to yourself which is a must have feature.

Hiarcs Chess has something for everyone. It can teach newbies a thing or two about how to play the right moves. Advanced users can take advantage of its book or import their PGNs to study games on their tablet. The app is surprisingly sleek too. It is well worth a try for anyone in love with Chess.

Rating: 94/100

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