powerOne Financial Calculator

Everyone needs a calculator these days. These can make you more productive calculating numbers and solving problems. The powerOne Financial Calculator is not your average calculator. It is developed for those of you who deal with financial equations and calculations all the time. It can handle loans, investments, amortizations, and other sophisticated finance problems.

The powerOne Financial Calculator is a very capable calculator. It handle all types of problems. What’s nice about this app is the fact that you can use its dynamic language to create your very own templates. You can enhance its capabilities dramatically if you play with this long enough. The powerOne Financial Calculator covers:

  • cash flows with NPV, IRR, NFV, NUS, …
  • 401k calculations
  • auto loan problems.
  • investment return
  • profit margin
  • savings
  • currency conversions
  • percentage change

As mentioned earlier, users get to create their own templates. The app lets you share templates and results with others.

The powerOne Financial Calculator is not that expensive for what it offers. It is a pretty decent calculator. But we love it for its templates. Worth playing around with if you are a student of finance.

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