BoneBox for iPad

Becoming a successful medical student is not always easy. These guys have to work and study hard to ace some of those advanced biology and chemistry classes. Picking up the right educational tools for the courses they take would help students. BoneBox for iPad is a skull viewer that provides you with a 3D model of the human skull. You will have an easier time learning more about this part of our body with BoneBox.

BoneBox offers you with a real time 3D view of skull models. You will be able to interact with various parts of these models to learn more. The names and locations of over 100 anatomical structures are covered. By playing around with this app, you will learn about bones, foramina, and other anatomical features. A pen tool is included so you can draw on the 3D skull.

BoneBox not only helps students study better but allows for self-quizzing. The graphics are superb and the app is highly interactive. A nice tool for anatomy students.

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