Pregnancy Progress

Becoming pregnant can be a delightful experience for parents. But it is not without its challenges. First time moms will experience some discomfort and various symptoms during their pregnancy. It never hurts for parents to keep track of these and share them with their doctors. Pregnancy Progress transforms your iPad into a log book for your pregnancy. The app makes it easier for moms to stay on the right track during their pregnancy period.

Parents can use Pregnancy Progress to keep track of pregnancy memories and milestones. They can log their symptoms to share with their doctors (it is useful for tracking baby kicks and movements too). Some parents do become restless during their pregnancy period. Pregnancy Progress can show them how much longer their pregnancy will last.

Pregnancy Progress has an elegant interface. Its photo gallery feature is quite nice. Users can also track hydration and vitamin intake with this tool. It works on iPhone which is helpful. Pregnancy Progress not only looks good, it saves parents time managing their pregnancy period. What’s not to like?

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