We have tested a few fractal manipulation applications for iPad in the past. These apps can not only serve as educational tools, they are pretty entertaining. Geom-e-Tree is a fractal-based tree manipulation application that lets users create all kinds of patterns on their tablet.

Geom-e-Tree has 20 themes for users to choose from. Users can interact, grow, and change their tree on their tablet. Branches can be expanded by 359 degrees. The length of branches can be modified easily. The concept is very simple but you would be surprised how many cool types of trees you can come up with this app.

Geom-e-Tree lets you save your trees to your photo album. You can also share them with your friends. Since you are dealing with fractal-like trees, you can always come up with new ones as long as you are creative enough. The combinations available are limitless. Geom-e-Tree works on your iPhone and iPad. This application is fun and can be a heck of a time killer.

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