People do make fun of teleprompter these days, but they are used by executives and business professionals everyday for presentations and in many special events. You can always purchase or use some piece of hardware/software to address the need for a teleprompter during your presentations, but why do that when you can use ProPrompter. It’s a powerful application that transforms your iPad into a professional, scrolling teleprompter. If you don’t feel comfortable with your presentations or have just gotten used to teleprompters, ProPrompter can help.

Proprompter gives you a lot of control when it comes to your scripts. It lets you change background colors, fonts, your font size, scrolling speed, and many other factors, giving you the opportunity to prepare your script the best way possible. I also like the fact that you can use one Apple product to control the other through WiFi or Bluetooth.

Whether you are preparing yourself for a major speed, doing commercials, or just want to make sure your podcast goes according to your script, you want to have an app that lets you add your scripts easily. You can do that easily with ProPrompter Producer. Scripts can be loaded using e-mail too. It does help that ProPrompter has an easy-to-use interface.

ProPromoter may not be useful to everyone but it does address a very real need for a lot of people. If you are planning to give a speech or do anything script-based, ProPrompter is a nice pick up.

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