Star Walk 2 for iPad

Smart devices such as iPhone or iPad are great for playing games, reading books, and keeping up with your emails. But you can do a whole lot more with them. For instance, you can use an app like Star Walk 2 to learn more about the objects in the sky. This universal application has a brand new design and provides you with cool sound effects, visuals, 3D models, and handcrafted artwork of constellations.

star walk 2

Star Walk 2 is a stargazing tool that combines astronomical data with beautiful artwork and sound effects to enrich your experience. It has 3D models of constellations, dwarf plants, and man-made satellites. The app offers real-time motion tracing, so as you move your device, the app matches what you see to the stars seen from your location. The app does have coordinates and offers you data on the current moon phase, sunset/sunrise, elevation of planets, and more.

starwalk two

Star Walk 2 is a universal application. It teaches you a thing or two about the objects in the sky and also has a night-time soft red mode for your convenience when you have your telescope out at night. You can try the app for $2.99 at this time.

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