Qibla Compass

Every religion has its own set of rules and guidelines for its followers. Islam is no different. We have all heard about Muslims going to Mecca each year to worship their God. They also have to pray in that direction (what they call Qibla). Finding Qibla is not always straight forward. iSalam: Qibla Compass is a cool little app that shows its location on your iPad.

I have seen Muslims use all kinds of tools to find out in which direction they need to pray to. Thanks to Qibla Compass, they get to use their iPad to do the job. The app has a beautiful face and clearly shows you the direction. It does not require any guess work on your part.

Qibla Compass is not something Muslims would need everyday. But it is a handy tool for those traveling around the globe with their iPad. It does what it promises well.

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