Crosswords for iPad

There are plenty of puzzles and games that you can tackle on an iPad but sometimes you want to go old school and tackle crosswords. Crosswords can not only be challenging and entertaining, they can make you sharper too. Crosswords for iPad is the ultimate crossword app for iPad. It has everything crossword junkies would need to get their dose on a consistent basis.

Remember the good old days when you had to go through magazines and newspapers to find decent crossword puzzles?  How about when you needed help with those puzzles? With Crosswords for iPad, you get the puzzles and the help. It has an intuitive interface that makes tackling puzzles much more fun. Puzzles are downloaded on a daily basis, and you get the option to go through the list (by date or provider) and choose the one you want to tackle.

As you get to download new puzzles everyday, you are never going to run out new ones to tackle. U.S. and U.K Cryptic puzzles are included, which is a plus. You can always remove the magazines or newspapers that don’t interest you.

I love that the app provides clues and reveals answers when you just don’t seem to be able to figure out a word. You can configure the program to show your mistakes as they happen, so you don’t move on to new words based on a wrong answer. Having the ability to share your times on Twitter and against others is a plus, making this app even more addictive.

Overall, if you are looking for a complete crossword puzzle application for iPad that gets you new puzzles everyday and helps you solve them more effectively, Crosswords for iPad is a must have.


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