Qvik Sketch Pro

The iPad is a great tool for artists to express themselves and bring their artistic work to life. Whether you are into music, drawing, or any other type of photography, there is an app for you in iTunes. Qvik Sketch Pro is one of those art apps that lets its owners bring their art to life in form of sketches. It is capable of helping you create attractive sketches without needing a piece of paper.

The concept behind Qvik Sketch Pro is pretty straight forward. While you are not dealing with real paper, the app does its best to provide you with the tools to do your sketches like a pro. You get to choose your brush and change colors to make your sketches more colorful and powerful.

This app has a very intuitive interface and has the basic tools you need to get started with your sketches. It does not, however, make an artist out of you (all the credit for the above arts go to the developers), but it does help you get the most out of your talent. Qvik has a social aspect to it too. You can share your work with Facebook or just save them on your device and send them to your friends.

The developers are working on bringing zoom and layers to this app. So Qvik Sketch Pro is going to be even better with the next updates. To sum things up, a nice app to pick if you are into arts.

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