Ramps – Guide to Food for iPad

Have you ever picked up a new recipe and wondered about the ingredients you are dealing with? Maybe you want to try new interesting ingredients to add more flavors to your food. You are not going to become  a master in everything food overnight. But you could use an app like Ramps to get a better idea how to prepare less straightforward recipes.


The app has over 300 vegetables and fruits covered. You can browse and search for items that you have in mind. Each description has an illustration and description. You can also pull up additional info from Wikipedia, Google Images, and Epicurious. Whether you are having trouble figuring out what a certain ingredient in a new recipe means or want to add some variety to your food, this app can help.


Ramps does not have every food ingredient one can think of. But it has enough to get you going. The developers are planning to add more foods and food groups in the future.

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