Rat Dissection

A few weeks ago, we had a chance to test a frog dissection application on AppFinders. It is the perfect app for students who want to learn more about frog’s anatomy without having to open up a live one. Rat Dissection picks up where the other app left off. It is designed for middle and high school applications who want to learn more about the anatomy of rats.

Rat Dissection is the perfect companion app for science students. It walks you through the steps it takes to dissect a rat. It has high quality 3D images of rat’s internal organs. The instructions are clear (the voice over is a plus). You also have your virtual dissection tools to get a more realistic experience on your iPad.

Rat Dissection is the perfect tool for teachers and students. Why dissect a real rat when you can use this application to learn much more about the anatomy of rats. The app has amazing graphics and straight forward instructions. What more can you ask for?

Rating: 87/100


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