Deluxe Moon HD

The Sun is not the only heavenly object that plays a role on life on the Earth. The Moon has a significant role to play as well. Whether you are a lunar gardener or into astrology, keeping track of the moon and its phases can provide you with useful information. Deluxe Moon HD is one of the most attractive moon apps we have tested for iPad. It provides you with all kinds of data on this object and can help you discover interesting information on how the Moon affects us human beings on the Earth.

Deluxe Moon HD has a breath-taking interface. Besides looking super cool, it does provide all kinds of information on the Moon. For starters, it has the full names of all its phases. Into astrology much? This app shows you the zodiac sign associated with the current location of the Moon. Sunrise, sunset, and zenith times are offered. Here is a summary of the information you get from this app:

  • Azimuth
  • Moonrise azimuth
  • Moonset azimuth
  • Moon Age
  • Distance
  • Ecliptic latitude and longitude
  • Elevation/Declination/Accension
  • Sunrise/sunset/solartime

Deluxe Moon HD is pretty interactive too. You can interact with almost every object on your screen. The app allows you to travel in time to find out about the phases of the moon at a future time. Country, location, date, and time can be changed with a swipe and a tap.

The app is GPS capable and provides you with accurate readings. Make sure you use your iPad in an open area where it won’t have to deal with compass interference. If you choose to turn the astrology information on, you can get useful tips on gardening, moon horoscope, and other things.

Deluxe Moon HD is a superb app to keep track of the Moon with. When we decided to review it, we never thought it would offer so much information, some of which go over our head. This is a perfect tool for moon researchers, lunar gardeners, astrologers, and anyone in between.

Rating: 92/100

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*special thanks to the developers for the demo copy

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