Studying astronomy does not have to be difficult. Advanced astronomy is not everyone’s cup of tea. But all of us are fascinated about the stars and objects in the heavens. A few years ago, the best way to start learning more about our sky was by reading books or working with computer software programs. These days people can rely on apps such as Redshift astronomy application to explore the stars right on their iPad. Redshift is not your average iPad application. It covers tens of thousands of objects in our sky and has enough features to let your imagination fly for hours.

Redshift provides you with a 3D experience of our solar system. It brings the night sky to your iPad with superb graphics and a wealth of information on the side. Users can take advantage of this app to travel through our solar system and explore certain objects. Redshift is capable of identifying the objects in your sky, so you will know what those bright objects are even if you are not an expert in astronomy. The filter options are pretty useful if you need less or more objects to be shown in your data.

Redshift covers 100K stars and 500 deep sky objects. It also covers major asteroids and comets. It covers astronomical information such as distance, type, size, and rise/set times for objects. Redshift is GPS enabled and offers multiple viewing modes (day/night). Under Observatory, you can view stars and constellations in an animated fashion.

Redshift is one of the best looking astronomy applications we have tested. Its 3D graphics and the wealth of information it offers make it a must have for any student of astronomy. Even those who find astronomy books and theories boring should have a hard time putting this app down. Redshift has amazing graphics, smooth interface, and a wealth of data on objects in our sky. It gives a whole new meaning to astronomy 2.0.

Rating: 94/100


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