iBJJ for iPad

The field of MMA has been growing each and every year, mainly thanks to organizations such as the UFC and Strikeforce (which UFC recently bought) bringing their products to TVs and audiences of millions around the world. Watching these fighters pull off amazing submissions or grappling moves is always nice. But learning how to do some of those moves is something different. iBJJ for iPad is a cool BJJ training app for iPad that shows you how to perform new moves or hone your existing JJ skills.

iBJJ for iPad not only has the instructions to show you how to perform BJJ moves, it also has photos that demonstrate the details associated with each move. The developers have managed to capture those details by taking videos and emphasizing on areas that need more attention for newbies.

iBJJ for iPad does provide you with text instructions to help you get a better sense what your instructor is performing. While being familiar with grappling somewhat could you help you approach learning these move easier, the app does have enough instructions so you don’t feel in deep waters right away.

iBJJ for iPad won’t make you a black belt in Jiu Jitsu. But it teaches you how to do new moves and get more practice in your spare time. It has enough instructions to offer newbies a good head-start.

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