Save2PDF for iPad

We all have to deal with PDF documents from time to time. If you run a business or are a professional, chances are you rely on these types of documents more than the rest of us. Most folks create and manipulate PDF files on their computers. Save2PDF for iPad is a powerful application that lets you do all those PDF related tasks on your iPad.

Save2PDF for iPad is a professional PDF editor for iPad. It can not only create PDF files but it can merge multiple files into a single PDF too. Have Office documents on your iPad? This app can handle Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files. Numbers, Pages, Web Pages, and photos can be turned into PDF too.

I love the fact that I can manipulate my PDF files and get rid of certain sections of them to create new documents. Want to add a simple page to your PDF document? That can be done as well. Save2PDF for iPad is printer friendly too. It can work in conjunction with other apps too.

Save2PDF for iPad is not a cheap application per se but it offers a ton of value to anyone having to deal with PDF files on a daily basis. It is fast and very versatile.

Rating: 90/100

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