Chocoholic Traveler

Everybody loves chocolate. It is true that eating too much of it can lead to weight gain At the same time, I can’t even imagine living in a world without chocolate. Of course, not all chocolate products are created the same. The chocolate you pick up in Vienna is much different from what you get in Chicago. Experiencing chocolate products from around the globe can be quite gratifying, especially if you are into traveling too. If you are, Chocoholic Traveler is a must have application.

Chocoholic Traveler is the perfect tool to have for chocolate-themed trips. It has plenty of information on chocolate products in areas you are planning to visit. You could also plan a whole trip around chocolate places you want to explore.

Chocoholic Traveler covers chocolate festivals, events, attractions, and everything in between. It has hundreds of photos to give you a better indication what you are getting yourself into. The maps are useful too. Don’t want to travel all around the world for a certain festival? Just filter entries by distance (you can filter by name and cost too).

Chocoholic Traveler has a lot of potential. It is a decent tool for anyone with a sweet tooth. I would love to see more interactive content (including videos) added to this app though.

Rating: 85/100

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