Sleep Sounds

Getting enough sleep everyday is a must if you want your body and mind to stay sharp in the long run. Sometimes it is tough to relax when your mind is troubled with the challenges you have to face. Relaxing sounds could give you a helping hand. Sleep Sounds is a cool little app that comes with a variety of sounds to put you in the right state of mind for a comfortable night of sleep.

Sleep Sounds has plenty of natural and relaxing sounds for you to take advantage of. The list includes:

  • autumn wind
  • heartbeat
  • light rain
  • ocean waves
  • whale song
  • night crickets
  • ….

You can mix and match your favorite sounds to create the mixture that works for you the best. You can control the volume for each sound playing without having to adjust the volume controls on your iPad.

Sleep Sounds is pretty decent but could be a lot better. We would love to see more relaxing and high quality sounds added to the app. Having the ability to mix sounds is nice. In the end, more natural sounds are needed for this app to move to the next level.

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