Tai Chi Step-By-Step

Many of us lead highly stressful lives. Too much stress is not healthy for your body. The ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi is a wonderful practice that can relax your body and improve your health.  Tai Chi can improve your internal strength and stamina. Those of you into meditation are going to enjoy dabbling in Tai Chi as well. Tai Chi Step-By-Step is an attractive iPad application that provides users with instructions to get started with this art.

Tai Chi Step-By-Step has instructions and illustrations to show you how to do each move. We found them to be very clear. Audio instructions are also included to help students out (we would love to have the option to use different sounds). The introduction and description sections for routines are a nice touch. These exercises, if done the right way, can help build strength and improve the balance in your body. The level and the interval between exercises can be modified. Tai Chi Step-By-Step focuses on these 5 areas:

  • Movements
  • Strength and motion
  • Balance and movement
  • Working with a partner
  • Tai Chi form

The app has soothing sounds to make your Tai Chi practices more enjoyable. Each exercise has 3 levels (different number of repetitions). Once you have mastered one level, you should move to a higher level.

Some assume that you need to have some sort of training before getting started with Tai Chi. With this app, all you need is just a bit of time to dedicate to your practice sessions. No need to dress up or get special equipment. You are going to need some patience though. I found the instructions easy to follow and clear. If you are new to Tai Chi or want to incorporate it into your daily routine, Tai Chi Step-By-Step has you covered.

Rating: 93/100

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