SpaceWx for iPad

The sun is the source of life on our planet. Without this star in our solar system, life as we know it would not exist here. Our sun is more than just a shining object in the sky. It goes through various phases and stages that affect life on Earth. SpaceWx for iPad is an app that keeps you up-to-date with the space weather and shows you when major solar flares are coming our way.

SpaceWx for iPad includes real time space weather images and data figures to keep users on top of the state of the ionosphere. It uses information from GOES, SOHO, STEREO, and ACE. Solar index forecasts are also included. By studying the information in this app, you can better understand how major solar flares may affect Earth and our technologies.

SpaceWx for iPad offers plenty of useful information and has superb images. It could be an overkill if you are not into solar research. SpaceWx does have enough data to keep the students in this field busy for a while.

Rating: 89/100


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