Spanish Phrasebook

Nothing is more frustrating than studying a foreign language for a trip only to get there and realize you have done it all wrong. Taking it easy and learning just a couple of foreign words when you are in your home country is one thing. Traveling to a foreign country and hearing words come out of the mouths of natural-born speakers of that country can be a whole different thing. If you don’t plan to be stuck and clueless during your international trip, you are better off preparing hard beforehand.

Spanish Phrasebook is a useful application for anyone taking a trip to a Spanish-speaking nation. It helps you learn the words and phrases you will need to know to get around in those countries and communicate with the natives.

Spanish Phrasebook is designed to help you handle all kinds of situations when you are spending time in a foreign country. It has over 800 words for 28 different scenarios that you may face. Knowing how to pronounce numbers, ask for directions, and thank others is not going to make you a master in the Spanish language, but it can get you out of tight situations.

Spanish Phrasebook not only has the phrases you will need to know, but it provides you with their pronunciations too. That way you can at least understand some of what native Spanish speakers are saying to you abroad. It works both on iPad and iPhone (and iOS 4 too).

Spanish Phrasebook may not make you a Spanish poet, but it is a very handy tool for anyone traveling to one of those Spanish speaking countries. It makes the learning process a whole lot easier.

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