SpineEffects for iPad

Many of us have to deal with back pain. Not all back pains are serious. But misalignment in your spine could have major effects on your health. Understanding what could be causing you issues helps you figure out what you can do to fix them. SpineEffects for iPad is an interactive application that shows how the 24 vertebrae in the human spine are connected to different parts of body and what a misalignment could cause.

SpineEffects is highly interactive. You can touch specific vertebrate of the spine to see which part of your body it affects. Text descriptions for each vertebrae and misalignment symptoms are offered. Sometimes, you may be able to reduce your pain with the help of a chiropractor. SpineEffects does have a search feature to find you pros in your area.

SpineEffects won’t make you an expert in human anatomy. But it does show you what could be causing you issues in the back area. It also helps you get in touch with the right professionals to address your issues. It is available for free at the time of this writing.

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