SplashID: Password Manager

You can’t get enough of your iPad? Maybe you love it so much that you want to let it take over your life. The iPad can’t do everything for you, but it gets as close to it as any other device on the market. Thanks to SplashID, you can manage yet another important aspect of your life on your iPad. It’s like having your own safe on the road. This app can keep track of your usernames, passwords, account numbers, and everything in between, so you won’t have to remember them or store them in an unsecure fashion.

We are not a big fan of storing sensitive information on an iPad or any other handheld device in that manner. But if you must, you want to make sure you use an app that keeps your information secure. SplashID offers 256-bit encryption for your information and can even create your password for you. It also keeps you protected against those phishing sites by giving you the right URL at all times.

What I like about SplashID is its categorization feature that makes it easy to manage all those passwords and sensitive account information on your device. There is no limit to the number of types and categories you can have in this app. It even allows you to associate an icon with your records.

SplashID can save you time as well. It shows you the most viewed records, so you won’t have to search for them. It also supports password patterns. All in all, SplashID is a pretty decent password keeper for iPad owners. You still want to keep your super-sensitive data off your iPad (just to be on the safe-side). With that said, SplashID will take good care of your private information and saves you time. It’s a true life-saver.

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