Motionx GPS HD

Whether you own a 3G iPad or just want to find your way around with the help your WiFi iPad, it’s essential for you to invest in a decent iPad application that can get you out of trouble. Motionx GPS is that and more. The app is quite popular among iPhone owners. Now it has made it to iPad. It’s known for offering a whole lot of bang for buck to its owners. Whether you want to navigate your way when you are walking, hiking, sailing, and flying, Motionx GPS can get you out of trouble.

Motionx can keep track of your position on live maps and help you find your way around your location. It also lets you download free maps as long as you have an Internet connection, all free of charge. It’s even possible to store and view your maps offline (you never know when your connection is going to fail you). Google and Bing Road and Satellite maps are included as well.

Motionx not only lets you go over those topographic and road maps on your device, it also lets you save your favorite way-points for future references. Moreover, it uses your iPad’s compass to help you find your way around. The search functionality is quite useful too. Let’s not forget about map types (which give users the tools needed to get yourself out of all kinds of situations).

When it comes to bang for buck, Motionx is second to none. It has a ton of features for those of you who plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. It does not cost a whole lot either. A must have for anyone in need of an iPad GPS app.

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