Stretching & Flexibility for iPad: Learn to Stretch

Learning how to stretch is important for anyone who wants to live an active lifestyle. You are going to develop painful conditions or injuries if you don’t warm-up your body before workouts and stretch it regularly. Stretching is not something you should take lightly as there are wrong ways to do it. Stretching & Flexibility for iPad & iPhone brings plenty of training videos and full routines to help you make your body flexible.


Stretching & Flexibility has 35 training videos to get you started. You get 7 full routines and 6 warm up videos to use before you start to take on full stretching routines. The app covers active passive and dynamic stretches. The app also has moves to train muscle groups to increase your flexibility. You get over 3 hours of content to go over in this app.


Stretching & Flexibility for iOS shows you how to learn to stretch without yoga. You are still going to have push yourself to do the moves but this app could help you keep your body injury free.

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