Survival Pocket

Have you ever been stuck outdoors and had no idea how to do certain things? Most of us will never have to fight for our survival in the wild. But accidents happen all the time. If you have not taken time to master some basic survival skills, the next best thing is to have a survival reference book with you to help you out. Survival Pocket is just the reference you’ll need to get yourself out of tight spots.

Survival Pocket is a quick reference guide that covers survival, evasion, first aid, and other emergency situations. It has over 500 pages with illustrations and real life tips to save your life. Those who get stuck outdoors can use this book to figure out how to start a fire, find food and water, and take advantage of plants to survive.

Survival Pocket is a life saving app for lovers of the outdoors. The good part is you don’t have to go through all 500 pages of it to find out about the topics that apply to your situation. Its user interface is fast and user friendly.

I was quite impressed with the information and illustrations in this book. It covers almost everything one needs to know to handle most situations in the outdoors. That is as long as you can keep your iPad safe and sound.

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