Swipe Soccer

Playing 3D soccer games on iPad could be a lot of fine. But one does not need to have all those fancy graphics and eye candy features to have fun playing Soccer on iPad. Take Swipe Soccer for instance. It may not have the best graphics in the world,  but it is one of the more entertaining soccer games around.

Unlike most soccer games for iPad, you don’t need to deal with a D-Pad or annoying controls to get the most out of this game. Just draw paths to guide your team to pull of impressive moves. The rules of the game are pretty simple too. Best of all, the game stays out of your way and gives you the chance to have some real fun.

The AI in this game is pretty impressive. It’s not too easy nor too difficult (just right you could say). The 2 player mode is a great way to share the fun with a friend or family member. Considering the fact that buyers won’t have to spend anytime trying to learn this game, Swipe Soccer is a must have for Soccer games.

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