Symbolic Calculator HD

We all use calculators once in a while. If you are a college students, chances are you use it more often than the rest of us. Some college courses do require you to have a decent scientific calculator. These Calculators can cost you over $100, depending on the model you pick up. Symbolic Calculator HD is a powerful iPad application that turns your tablet into an awesome calculator to tackle algebra and calculus problems with.

Symbolic Calculator HD  works for high school and college level problems. It can handle most algebra and calculus capabilities. This calculator solve equations, handle integrals, complex numbers, derivatives, and limits, and expand expressions. Vectors, matrices, and linear algebra functions are supported too.

Symbolic Calculator HD’s history feature is pretty useful. The app supports user-defined functions and an unlimited number of variables. You get to plot equations too. For under $2, this is a pretty awesome calculator for your iPad.

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