Tangled 2 XL

We have all heard of those so-called impossible iPad games before. A lot of developers use those words to sell more games but not too many games actually deliver on that promise. Tangled 2 XL for iPad is a tough puzzle game that truly challenges you and sometimes makes you want to pull your hair out. It will test your patience and kills time like no other game. It may look simple on the surface, but it can be very mind-numbing.

Tangled 2 Xl is based on a simple concept. Your goal is untangle the dots and avoid any overlaps. It’s not as easy as it looks like. The game does have 30 different puzzles (they do get much harder after the first couple of levels). The beauty of this game is every-time you think you have figured it out, it throws a curve-ball at you. I do like the fact that the game provides you with information on the lines that overlap as you move the dots, making it much easier to figure out what needs to be done to solve each puzzle. Once you have finished those 30 levels, you can tackle random levels.

Tangled 2 XL has 3 modes. The Regular Mode is where you should probably start. The Random Mode is for those of you who have already mastered the first mode and want to challenge yourself further. The Action Mode (which is new in this version) is even more addictive. You’ll have to try to untangle dots as fast as you can or you’ll have too many to handle on your screen (see the above screen-shot to get an idea). Tangled 2 XL also has an online scoring system, so you can compare your scores with others. It’s OpenFeint compatible too!

Tangled 2 XL is a very challenging game for iPad that will keep you entertained and make your mind sharper. It’s pretty easy to pick up but difficult to master. Great game to keep you entertained on the road.

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