Note Taker HD

There is a reason the iPad is so popular among business professionals and college students. The larger screen has made it possible for developers to come up with even more useful apps for iPad users. Note Taker HD is one of those apps. It allows its users to store and organize handwritten notes, diagrams, and anything in between on their device.

Note Taker is like a virtual notebook on steroids. Not only it makes it so easy to take hand-written notes, it also gives you plenty of space to do it on each page (by reducing the size of your ink). The app has a very usable interface. You can easily add your text with your fingers or stylus. Erasing and undoing your previous steps is also supported. The second panel (which zooms in on your writing) is a plus.

I liked the fact that you can organize pages by tags, date, and more. It’s also nice that the app supports PDF e-mails. The main trouble with this app (and other similar apps) is that you really need a stylus to write properly (would have been nice if Apple had one included with iPads).

Note Taker is quite a solid note management app for iPad that keeps your notes organized and saves you from having to deal with paper notebooks ever again. Handy for business professionals too.

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