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A few months ago, Kno tablet created a lot of buzz in the tech world. Tablets such as iPad and XOOM are very handy devices but they are not exactly optimized towards college students’ needs. Kno’s dual screen tablets were going to challenge the iPad in the academic world. The company has gone some changes since then. While its tablets are not out, it has released an application for iPad to bring cheaper text-books to this platform. Textbooks for iPad is developed specifically for students and can save them a ton of money on their course text-books.

Textbooks for iPad is a textbook and PDF reader for iPad. It gives users access to over 70k textbooks. You can buy these books and get up to 50% off (depending on the title). College students have too many projects and chores to fulfill for their classes. Textbooks can keep their documents organized and save them time with their studies.

Textbooks for iPad acts like an advanced PDF reader. You can annotate your documents and highlight the parts that you find important in them. It does have a social feature too. Students can share comments and questions with others taking the same course (Twitter and Facebook are supported). Both portrait and landscape viewing modes are supported.

Textbooks for iPad is a little bit buggy at this point. We find some minor issues with highlighting. The app was a tad bit slow too. Nevertheless, Kno has taken a good step forward with this app. Let’s hope they invest more time in addressing the bugs in this application.

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